We are the leading gas services provider in New Zealand with a comprehensive suite of engineering, design, construction and maintenance services for both network and metering customers. This range of skills and capabilities is now being expanded into the Australian market.

Network Customers

Working with network customers, either directly or acting in a sub-contractor capacity, Electrix Gas provides maintenance and construction services on all equipment above and below ground from the city gate station to the gas consumer’s property.

We have extensive experience in completing pressure reduction works as well as highly qualified staff and specialised equipment to undertake the associated live gas works. Training, and an ongoing recruitment programme, allows us to maintain highly qualified field staff to complete these works.

With a flexible and pragmatic pricing structure, Electrix Smart Pricing works with the allocated budget and provides the scope to complete additional works when required.

Metering Customers

Electrix is also responsible for works on the gas measurement systems and metering installations that control and measure the gas used in residential homes and commercial sites.

Our planned and corrective maintenance programmes enable our customers to provide their customers with superior service levels.

We have an impressive record managing callouts from the public or responding to faults detected by employees on site. Our ability to mobilise our workforce quickly enables us to respond to requests on demand, even with the effects of seasonal variation.


Safety is paramount across all our operations and safety awareness is embedded in our culture. Electrix is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees and stakeholders and our highly developed, fully accredited safety management systems are integral to all our business activities.


Electrix stays at the forefront of technology, incorporating innovations and new techniques to increase efficiency and deliver ongoing improvements to service levels.

We have developed technology to allow data from volume inspections to be gathered via PDAs improving efficiency by allowing employees to directly manage faults at the site. The system also reduces the errors associated with manual handling, improves service levels, allows data to be easily entered in customers' CRM systems, makes analysis simpler, and provides for regulatory compliance requirements.


Electrix leads education standards in the industry, maintaining a significant investment in our people with their training benefiting both our customers and the industry.

Team members are qualified in accordance with the appropriate national qualification guidelines and must undertake self-supervising qualifications to ensure they have competencies to work on their own in the field.

As we stay at the forefront of new developments, the Electrix team also have the opportunity to be trained by some of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers to ensure we can continue to offer our customers the best solutions first.


  • Live line works
  • Reactive works
  • Planned maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Meter replacement
  • Capital projects
  • Pipe work installation and design
  • Manufacture and installation of gas burners

We have a strong record for reliability in the completion of contract works.

Our technical capabilities are matched by our strong commitment to safety, professional quality management systems and a responsive customer focused approach.
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