Gas Mains Replacement Program - Glenelg, South Australia

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Key Facts

Project: Gas Mains Replacement Program

Client: APA Group

Location: Glenelg, South Australia

Duration: January 2014 - June 2014



The initial project covers the replacement and pressure upgrade of approximately 6500m of low pressure cast iron, 1450m of  unprotected steel gas mains plus 4800m of  protected steel and poly supplying aproximately 1200 residential and commercial customers.

The renewal work is achieved by insertion, boring or open cut replacement of the existing mains with polyethylene piping. This extends the life of the network in a highly cost effective manner and allows supply pressure to be upgraded to medium or high pressure.

We have extensive experience in Electrix with our market leading gas services business in New Zealand.

Successful mobilization and good progress with this initial package has allowed Electrix to pursue and secure further work packages and expand our workforce in South Australia and now in Melbourne with APA.



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