Gas Mains Replacement Program - Rosanna, Victoria

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Key Facts

Project: Gas Mains Replacement Program

Client: APA Group

Location: Rosanna region, Victoria

Duration: 20 January 2014 - 31 June 2014



The  project covers the replacement and pressure upgrade of approximately 5,440m of 40 PE, 1400m of  63 PE and 810m of  110 PE which will upgrade around 500 residential and commercial customers from a low presure system  to a high pressure system.

The renewal work is achieved by insertion, boring or open cut replacement of the existing mains with polyethylene piping. This extends the life of the network in a highly cost effective manner and reinforces security of supply to the end users.

Electrix has successfully established a gas presence in South Australia for this type of work and we were pleased to be awarded further project work part way through our initial projects as it has given Electrix the confidence to expand our crews further to meet the demands of future proposed works, but also indicates that our Electrix Safety focus, supervision, project management and contract management styles are meeting APA program requirements.





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